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GTC Industries has undergone significant evolution over the past 60+ years and has established a strong presence in the industry through its renowned brands:

As pioneers in cinema screen technologies since 1959, Galalite Screens boasts the largest production unit in India and Poland. As a leading Indian company, we process an in-house coating facility, enabling us to supply screens of superior quality to customers worldwide.

With a commitment to innovation, Lumina Screens specializes in manufacturing a wide range of projection screen surfaces. Our cutting-edge product captivating movie viewing experiences for both home theaters and studios.

At Honey All Day, we promote the consumption of 100% truly raw, unprocessed, and cold processed honey for a healthy lifestyle. Enjoy the natural goodness of honey every day.

From the origin of Arabica Coffee Beans, our 100% organic beans are a testament to the rich heritage of Yemen’s Haraaz Mountains. Delight in the refined flavors of sweet pulp, citrus blossom, and dry fruits, and experience unparalleled elegance with every sip.

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    With our remarkable legacy and unwavering dedication to surpassing expectations, GTC Industries flourishes across a multitude of industries, constantly meeting the unique requirements of customers globally.